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More Troops Headed To The Border

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks while participating in a tour of U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, California. U.S., March 13, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The number of troops assigned to the Mexican border will be increased by The Pentagon to approximately 6,000, this is to occur within a few days, being earmarked for the beginning of March, 2019. The government headed by Trump has turned its focus to the securing of remote areas that stretch between official points of entry. This was stated on Friday, by a senior U.S. defense official.

According to the official, another 1,000 troops will be deployed to the border with direct orders to string more concertina wire and install detection systems.

The official went on to say that the military forces has installed 70 miles of concertina wire, provided medical support to many migrants, reinforced entry ports and assisted in the transportation of Customs and Border Protection agents by aircraft.

Daniel A. Hernandez/AFP/Getty Images Military personnel install concertina wire at the Anzalduas International Bridge in McAllen, Texas, late last year

“That mission has evolved,” the senior defense official said. “We are now transitioning to supporting [areas] between the ports of entry. We’re laying down another 140 miles of concertina wire — we’re about 30 percent done with that — as well as providing a ground-based detection and monitoring mission in support of CBP.”

Customs and Border Protection agents were able to detect and monitors those migrants that got across the border illegally by using unmanned ground sensors.

As Trump prepares to take $6.1 billion from The Pentagon budget albeit without the authorization from Congress as they refuse to fund the further construction of the border wall. Trump is doing this by a combination of counterdrug authorities and emergency powers.

Congress has refused to fund the proposed border wall with Mexico. (Reuters: Jorge Duenes)

Included in the 6,000 troops are approximately 2,100 National Guards headed to the border as ordered by Pentagon. The national guards were sent to the border to aid the Customs and Border Protection agency as it is reportedly being stressed because of the vast amount of Central Americans processing to cross the border.

The overall number of the guardsmen could decrease as a result of both governors from New Mexico and California have ordered theirs to withdraw from the border in their states. They have labeled the deployment as political theater.

Members of the Democratic party believe that they will have support from Republicans in the House of the Senate when they plan on voting on a measure to reject the Trump’s administration national emergency declaration.