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How To Immigrate To The United States

The recent adjustments to the immigration laws have really made it so much more difficult to immigrate to the U.S., well legally. In February of last year, the United Stated Citizenship and Immigration Services completely removed the phrase, “America’s promise as a nation of immigrants” from its mission statement. Although it has become more difficult to immigrate to the United States, there are also ways to get it done legally.

Marriage is one of the main ways that you can become an American resident, if you have found yourself falling in love with an American citizen, so much so that you are planning on being married, then a green card is yours after the official ceremony. There are a few steps that you have to take like providing a copy of the civil marriage certificate; evidence of all legal name changes for you and your spouse, a passport size photo of both you and your spouse, this according to the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services.

Another way is through immediate family members, however they have to be citizens of the U.S. As long as they are you can immigrate legally to the U.S. this according to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. For example, if you are the spouse of a U.S. citizen; the unmarried child under 21 years of age of a U.S. citizen; or the parent of a U.S. citizen (if the U.S. citizen is 21 years of age or older), you will be able to immigrate.

Entering the country to work will also qualify you to immigrate legally, however your employer will have to submit a petition with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. This is a requirement by law for the application for the work visa, which can vary from a short time period to permanent residency. Persons that miss their deadlines can be deported, so they should take note and re-apply as required.

Being the best of the best in your field of employment is also one of the ways to gain access in the U.S. as a bonafide resident. Businesses and other organizations can sing your praises as evidence of your expertise, this can result in becoming a permanent resident. Examples of persons that took up this offer are Albert Einstein and founder of Google, Sergey Brin.

Investing into the economy of the U.S. can also be a sure way as a foreign investor to make the U.S. hoe for you and your family. If you contribute $500,000 in an EB-5 government approved regional center, you will assure yourself a green card, however you won’t have any control over how your funds are managed, but if you want full control over the way your investment is distributed, you would have to inject $1 million into the economy.

For those who are earnestly seeking to immigrate to the United States, each year the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) makes at most 50,000 immigrant visas available via a lottery, to persons that qualify. The draw as in any other lottery is quite random and the entries must be from countries that have very low rates of immigration to the U.S.